The Surman Lab is an interdisciplinary research group based in the Department of Chemistry at King’s College, London, led by Andrew Surman.
Our interests are broad, but centre on Supramolecular Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Systems Chemistry, Nanomaterials, a fondness for getting computers to do the work, and an affinity for horrible messes which nobody else wants to deal with. We are applying these as tools to solve practical problems (probing industrial materials, controlling catalytic systems, environmental & medical diagnostics, sustainable chemistry) and more fundamental questions (e.g. around the Origin of Life, and Supramolecular reaction control).

We're a growing group, with a lot in the pipeline, and we'll expand this site as we have more to tell you!

The Surman Lab's first in-person group meeting (Summer 2021)

We can't do research without funds, so we're enormously grateful to those funding our work (by hook or by crook, that's usually the national, European, or international publics). In recent years Surman Lab projects or members have received some measure of financial support via these organisations, whose supporters we would like to thank: