Our research is interdisciplinary, and particularly falls between...

Supramolecular Chemistry. Self-assembly of new (nano) species, molecular recognition (to control the course of reactions, for sensing).

Nanomaterials. Self-assembly, control, application, and analysis of nanomaterials. 

Systems Chemistry. Understanding Properties/functions emerge from chemical systems, particularly Catalytic Systems.

Applied Analytical Chemistry. Applying and developing methods, with a particular focus on complex systems (very heterogenous, or "messy", systems), whether in biology, the environment, complex synthetic systems, biomass (and biooils), or industrial materials.

We are working to address fundamental questions and practical challenges, including…

Sustainable Chemical Industry. Separation of complex biomass-derived feedstocks. Efficient, sustainable, catalysis. 

Origin of Life. Understanding the emergence of function from very heterogenous (chaotic, messy) systems. 

Probing Industrial (Nano)Materials. New approaches to practical characterisation of industrially important nanomaterials.  

Drug/Therapeutic Delivery; Medical Diagnoses and Imaging. Self-assembly of nanoparticles/biomaterials for therapy, diagnosis, and improved nutrition. 

Catalysis and Reaction Control. Developing new approaches to controlling reactivity in catalytic and reaction systems.

Accessible Bio/Medical Analytical Processes. Particularly focussing on accessible analysis, for low-resource and industrial QC settings.

We collaborate widely, and are always on the lookout for new challenges to apply the skills we building together. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to collaborate, or have a challenge for us!

Industrial Partnership:

We have multiple collaborations/interactions with industry, and are keen to develop more (we like to be useful!). We're not always at liberty to discuss these openly, but happy to engage with interested parties. Again, free to get in touch if you'd like to collaborate, or have a challenge for us!