A publication list for Andrew and the Surman Lab can be found below; also via ORCID (0000-0002-2042-7373) or Google Scholar, which should automatically update with our latest work as it comes out.





Surman, A.J.

Enhanced selectivity for acidic contaminants in drinking water: From suspect screening to toxicity prediction.

Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2023, 448, 130906. 

Ciccarelli, D; Braddock, C; Surman, A.J.; Vergara Arenas, B.I.; Salal, T; Marczylo, T; Vineis, P.; Barron, L.P.


Developing iron-based anionic redox couples for thermogalvanic cells: towards the replacement of the ferricyanide/ferrocyanide redox couple.

Green Chemistry, 2021, 23, 8901-8915

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A Review of Portable High-Performance Liquid Chromatography: the Future of the Field?

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Environmental Control Programs the Emergence of Distinct Functional Ensembles from Unconstrained Chemical Reaction Networks.

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Overcoming the ‘Crystallization-Bottleneck’ for the Discovery of Gigantic Inorganic Molecules: A New Family of {Pdx}L (x = 84, 72) Palladium Macrocycles Discovered using Solution Techniques.

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Patent: Lactic Acid Production Process.

WO2014045036-A1, 2013.

Smith, S. A. C.; Surman, A. J.



Targeting of anionic membrane species by Ln(III) complexes: towards improved MRI contrast agents for apoptosis.

Chem. Commun. 2011, 10245–10247.

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A Pyrophosphate-Responsive Gadolinium(III) MRI Contrast Agent.

Chemistry – Eur. J. 2010, 223 – 230.

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