We are a growing group, always on the lookout for talented, fun, colleagues. 

We advertise available fully funded positions through KCL and findaphd.com; you will also see adverts, etc, via Andrew’s Twitter feed (@andrewjsurman).

If you're interested to pursue research studentships (PhD, MRes, MSci projects), summer studentships, postdoctoral fellowships, year abroad/Erasmus studies, or other independent sources of funding, we very much welcome hearing from you. Please get in contact with Andrew directly.

To fund this, there are a number of different opportunities available, and we have some experience in supporting candidates to obtain funding to join us. For PhD studentships,  KCL's International PhD funding list is a good start, but not exhaustive; if you are not from the UK, many countries' research organisations fund PhD study abroad, so it can be worth checking locally. Postdoc fellowships change available change frequently; beyond 'the usual suspects' (EPSRC, Royal Society, Newton International, Marie Curie, Leverhulme, NATO), we'd suggest you check up-to-date online lists, and sources specific to the UK and - if you're not from the UK - your own country.

If you are writing to Andrew seeking support for an application for funding, it would help if you include the following information:

Asking all this is not meant to present a barrier: we want more exciting new colleagues to join us, and are happy to support appropriate applications. Please bear in mind that supporting applications for funding often takes a lot of work (e.g. to write project proposals) and sometimes requires university administration involvement (which is centrally-run, and can take some weeks). Please don’t be offended if we're not always able to do it: we can't support every application. And please do get in touch in plenty of time before a deadline! (Andrew's too old these days to be up all night before a deadline)