Our current group line-up:
(in order of arrival in the lab, then Andrew; Former Members page here)

Siqi Du

MSci Researcher from late 2021 (& 2019)0000-0001-8211-9475

Edward Cross

PhD Studentfrom late 20190000-0002-5186-6539

Aliyah Saifuddin

PhD Studentfrom late 20200000-0002-3951-2746

(Blanca) Ivonne Vergara Arenas

Postdoctoral Researcherfrom late 20200000-0002-8499-7930

(José) Antonio Morales Serna

Marie Curie Fellow w/Richardson & Naglik labsfrom summer 20210000-0002-5204-772X

Esmé Shepherd

PhD Studentw/Torres de Rosales labfrom late 20210000-0001-8909-9016

Sehrish Mahmood

MRes Researcherw/Matta Labfrom late 2022

Jeanali Karadag

UG Researcher
Summer 2023