Below you'll find our current group line-up:

  • If you can't find who you're looking for, our Former Members page has details of lab members who have moved on.

  • Those funny numbers under people's names are ORCID ID numbers, unique researcher identifiers, since there are too many people with similar names in the world, and sometimes names change.

Siqi Du

MSci Researcher from late 2021 (& 2019)0000-0001-8211-9475

Edward Cross

PhD Studentfrom late 20190000-0002-5186-6539

Aliyah Saifuddin

PhD Studentfrom late 2020

(Blanca) Ivonne Vergara Arenas

Postdoctoral Researcherfrom late 20200000-0002-8499-7930

Hailey (Ngoc Minh Huong) Le

UG Researcherfrom summer 20210000-0003-2378-2220

(José) Antonio Morales Serna

Marie Curie Fellow w/Richardson & Naglik labsfrom summer 20210000-0002-5204-772X

Esmé Shepherd

PhD Studentw/Torres de Rosales labfrom late 20210000-0001-8909-9016

Khadija Patel

MSci Researcherfrom late 2021

We are a growing group, always on the lookout for talented, fun, colleagues. We advertise available positions, but if you’re interested in joining the Surman Lab – to pursue research studentships, year abroad/Erasmus studies, summer studentships, or a postdoctoral fellowship – please have a look at our notes on joining the group.